This is for CRUX GNU/Linux a lightweight Linux distribution.
You will find projects by myself and other hosted users here

In ports you'll find various ports trees you can add to prt-get.conf to use aditional ports provided by various CRUX users.

Distfiles holds source files for ports,
and even though CRUX is a source based distro I supply a few built Packages for those that do not want to spend time compiling large ports that take lots of time.


Here is my docker image I use to test ports in: romster/crux-base

Distfiles source urls and download status reports:

Versionsort view of distfiles:

I also recomend this ports database site done by a comunity member

Here is an unoffical crux-mate ports collection, mate is a gnome 2 inspired fork

Here is an unoffical kf5 ports collection, kde plasma is a kde5 inspired fork

I also have a version sort project that is in its early days of being worked on,

CRUX 3.2 released meta4 file of mirrors from

CRUX 3.1 released meta4 file of mirrors from

The following files are hosted by me, please try to use the meta4 or torrent files above, if possible.

Part of the network.