Vico's CRUX Ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
abc2prt1.0.2-1A simple tool to extract parts from multivoice ABC music files2006-12-01
abcde2.4.2-1A Better CD Encoder2010-08-15
abcm2ps4.12.30-1ABC music sheet to PostScript converter2007-05-28
abcmidi2007-12-09-1abc <-> MIDI conversion utilities2007-12-11
abcpp1.3.2-1An ABC file preprocessor2006-12-01
abook0.5.6-1Text-based addressbook2007-02-20
aft5.096-1AFT (Almost Free Text) is a document preparation system.2006-12-01
amb-plugins0.1.0-1A set of ambisonics LADSPA plugins2007-02-22
ardour2.3.1-1A multichannel digital audio workstation2008-03-25
asciidoc8.6.5-1Text based document generation2011-05-27
aspell-de20030222-1German dictionary for aspell2006-12-02
avidemux2.4.4-1Small efficient video editor2009-06-06
blop0.2.8-1Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins2007-02-22
bogofilter1.2.2-2A fast Bayesian spam filtering tool2011-05-29
caps0.3.0-1C* Audio Plugin Suite2007-02-22
ccze0.2.1-4A log colorizer written in C with plugin support2011-05-31
cd-discid0.9-1A tool to get CDDB discid information from a CD-ROM disc2006-12-01
cmt1.15-2The Computer Music Toolkit2007-05-20
cmus2.4.3-1Music player using the ncurses library2012-01-11
cowsay3.03-2Configurable talking ASCII cow2011-05-31
crafty22.0-1Computer Chess engine2008-02-26
ctronome0.5.1-1A programmable console metronome2006-12-01
cups-pdf2.4.7-1A virtual printer for cups to produce PDF files.2008-03-25
devtodo0.1.20-1Command line application for maintaining lists of tasks2007-09-07
dictd1.10.0-1Dictionary Client for the DICT protocol2006-12-02
dssi0.9.1-1API for audio processing plugins2007-02-12
dssi-plugin-fluidsynth0.9.1-1Soundfont player/synth for DSSI2007-02-16
dssi-plugin-hexter0.5.9-1Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin2007-02-16
dssi-plugin-xsynth0.9.0-1Classic-analog style softsynth DSSI plugin2007-02-16
ecasound2.7.1-1Software package designed for multitrack audio processing2010-08-10
feh1.3.4-1A fast commandline-driven image viewer for X2006-12-01
fil-plugins0.1.0-1Parametric equalizer LADSPA plugin2007-02-22
foobillard3.0a-1A free OpenGl billard game for linux2006-12-01
fortune-collection1.0-3Small collection of fortune cookies2007-05-20
fyre1.0.1-2A tool for producing computational artwork2007-05-22
gbdfed1.3-1A GTK bitmap font editor2007-05-22
gcolor20.4-1Simple color selector2006-12-01
gdeskcal1.01-1Cute little eye-candy calendar for your desktop2007-05-13
giblib1.2.4-1Wrapper library for imlib22006-12-01
gimp-help2.4.2-1The Gimp help files2009-06-02
gmrun0.9.2-1Programm launcher with autocompletion2006-12-02
gozer0.7-2A commandline text rendering utility for creating images2006-12-01
gsl1.15-1A numerical library for C and C++ programmers2011-05-27
gtick0.4.2-1Metronome using the GTK-toolkit2009-06-06
gtk-engines-anachron0.1-3GTK2 theme-engine reproducing the look of the Ana SVG-theme2007-05-20
gtk-engines-aurora1.5.1-1Latest member of the clearlooks family of gtk engines2009-05-31
gtk-engines-murrine0.98.1.1-1Another fast cairo-based theme engine for gtk2011-06-07
gtk-engines-rezlooks0.6-2A GTK theme based on the clearlooks engine2007-05-20
gtk-engines-ubuntulooks0.9.12-3The new look for Ubuntu2007-10-07
gtk-recordmydesktop0.3.6-1Graphical frontend to recordmydesktop2007-10-07
gtypist2.7-1A universal typing tutor2007-05-20
gxmessage2.12.4-1An xmessage clone for GTK based desktops2011-05-31
hardinfo0.4.2.3-1A system information and benchmark tool for Linux systems2007-11-04
hsetroot1.0.2-1Wallpaper construction application2006-12-01
hydrogen0.9.3-2Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux2007-07-24
ibackup2.27-2A backup script for configuration files with encryption and upload support.2009-06-07
icon2png0.5-1Mac OS X icon to PNG converter2006-12-01
id30.15-1An ID3 Tag Editor2006-12-05
id3v20.1.11-1Utility to edit id3v2 tags2006-12-01
jed0.99-19-1Powerful small editor, with terminal and X11 interface2010-01-03
jedstate0.5.4-3An add-on for the jed text editor2010-08-11
kdbg2.0.5-1A Graphical Debugger Interface2006-12-22
ladspa1.12-2Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API2007-05-19
larsbiff2.01-1mail-checker plugin for larswm2006-12-01
larswm7.5.3-5Tiling Window Manager2010-08-09
lash0.5.4-1LASH Audio Session Handler2008-05-20
libcdaudio0.99.12-2A portable library for controlling Audio CDs2006-12-01
libcompface1.5.2-1Utilities and a library to convert from/to X-Face format2006-12-01
liblo0.24-1Lightweight OSC implementation2007-12-11
liblrdf0.4.0-1A lightweight RDF library with special support for LADSPA plugins.2007-02-23
libsamplerate0.1.7-1Sample Rate Converter for audio2009-06-06
libslang22.2.4-1The slang library version 22011-06-05
ltris1.0.11-1Arkanoid type of game2006-12-01
makepasswd1.10-2Generate and encrypt passwords2006-12-10
mcabber0.10.0-1Small Jabber console client for Linux2010-08-10
mcp-plugins0.3.0-1LADSPA plugins designed for Alsa Modular Synth2007-02-22
mercurial2.0.2-1A minimal scalable distributed SCM2012-01-11
metamail2.7-1Generic MIME package2007-05-20
minitube1.1-1A native YouTube client.2010-08-04
minitunes0.1.1-1Just another music player, only better2010-08-04
mma1.2-1Musical MIDI Accompaniment2007-06-10
monica3.4-1Monitor Calibration Tool2006-12-01
most5.0.0a-1A powerful paging program for Unix2008-01-24
muttprint0.71-2Pretty prints your eMails2006-12-01
omins0.2.0-1Collection of LADSPA plugins geared at modular synthesizers2007-02-22
orpheus1.6-1A text mode menu- and window-driven audio player2006-12-01
p5-larswm-perl0.02-3Perl module that let's you access larswm's statusbar2009-06-06
pmw4.21-1Philip's Music Writer is a program for high quality music typesetting.2009-06-06
png2ico2002.12.08-1PNG to icon converter2006-12-01
prboom2.4.7-2Port of ID's doom to SDL and OpenGL2007-05-20
pydf1-1Colourised df(1)-clone written in python2006-12-10
qsynth0.3.2-1Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth2008-05-20
raggle0.4.4-1A console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby2006-12-01
raptor1.4.16-1RDF Parser Toolkit2008-01-02
recordmydesktop0.3.6-1A program to record a desktop session2007-10-07
reflex20100627-1This is a variant of the flex fast lexical scanner2010-07-21
rev-plugins0.3.1-1Stereo reverb LADSPA plugins2007-02-22
root-tail1.2-1Print text directly to X11 root window2006-12-01
rox-videothumbnail0.1.14-1Little helper program for creating video thumbnails for rox2009-05-31
rxvt-unicode-lite9.14-1rxvt clone written in C++ with unicode and xft support2012-01-11
scid4.3-1A free chess database application2011-05-29
scribus1.3.3.10-1Open Source Desktop Publishing2008-01-08
scrot0.8-1A screen capture utility2006-12-01
sdl-sasteroids3.0.1-1A rework of the original Sasteroids game from 19942007-05-20
seq240.8.7-1A minimal loop based midi sequencer2007-03-01
slgdbm1.7-1S-Lang module that provides access to gdbm databases2006-12-01
slgtk0.7.0-1GTK bindings for libslang and a FITS image loader for GDK2007-06-17
slrn0.9.9p1-1SLang based console newsreader2010-01-04
slrnface2.1.1-1Show X-Faces in slrn2006-12-01
slurm0.3.3-1A realtime network traffic statistic tool2006-12-01
snack2.2.10-1A sound toolkit for Tcl/Tk2006-12-01
soundtouch1.5.0-1Audio processing library for changing tempo, pitch and playback rates.2010-01-05
spcaview20071224-1Viewer and grabber for spca based webcams2008-02-05
stellarium0.10.2-2Renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL2009-06-07
stockfish2.1.1-1A strong open-source UCI chess engine2012-01-11
swh-plugins0.4.15-1LADSPA audio plugins2007-02-15
sxid4.0.4-1An suid/sgid monitoring program designed to be run from cron.2006-12-10
tap-plugins0.7.0-1Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins2007-02-16
tcc0.9.24-1Tiny C Compiler2008-04-08
texinfo4.13a-1The GNU Documentation System2011-05-29
texmacs1.0.6.12-1A free GUI scientific editor, inspired by TeX and GNU Emacs.2007-11-11
timidity++2.13.2-2MIDI-to-WAVE converter and player2007-07-24
timidity-patches0.1-1GUS-compatible MIDI patch files for Timidity2006-12-01
tnef1.4.3-1Extracts Microsoft MS-TNEF MIME attachments.2006-12-02
tpp1.3.1-1Text presentation program2007-05-19
tuxguitar1.2-1A multitrack guitar tablature editor and player2010-02-02
tvbrowser2.7.5-1TV-Browser is a TV guide (EPG) for mainly German channels.2010-08-10
urlgrabber3.1.0-1A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber2007-11-02
vcf-plugins0.0.5-1Audio EQ biquad filter LADSPA plugins2007-02-16
vco-plugins0.3.0-1Three anti-aliased oscillators LADSPA plugin2007-02-22
vile9.8-1Vi like Emacs2010-08-17
vim_spell-de7.2-1German dictionaries for spellchecking2011-06-02
wcalc2.3.1-1A natural-expression command-line calculator2008-02-18
weechat0.3.6-1Portable and multi-interface IRC client2012-01-11
wmaker-crm0.95.0-crm-1Wmaker-crm is a fork from the last known CVS version of Window Maker.2012-01-11
wmnd0.4.15-1A dockapp for monitoring network interfaces under WindowMaker2010-08-04
wtail0.2.2-1Watch multiple files like tail -f2006-12-02
x11-fonts-jmk3.0-3Jim's Fonts for X2006-12-02
x11-fonts-tengwar1.9-2A collection of J.R.R Tolkien related fonts2006-12-02
x11-fonts-vc20020207-2Vico bitmap Fonts2006-12-02
xaos3.4-1Fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer2009-06-02
xboard4.5.2a-1Graphical user interface for chess engines, ICC and ICS2011-05-29
xkeycaps2.46-1A graphical front-end to xmodmap2006-12-01
xmp3.2.0-1Extended Module Player2010-08-10
xorg-fonts-dejavu2.29-1Font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts covering a wider range of characters2009-05-31
zynaddsubfx2.2.1-1Realtime software synthesizer for Linux2007-02-20

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